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Data Science

ixpantia was born with a strong emphasis on science, and many of the initial profiles, with a focus on science and mathematics, were oriented towards a scientific approach to solving business problems for the development of algorithms and data products.
  • Risk Models/Scores
  • Recommendation Models
  • AI + Augmented Intelligence
  • Forensic Analysis

Data Engeenering

Our scope expanded to support clients in engineering aspects to achieve the deployment of products in production, in a scalable and optimal manner. We also integrated knowledge and experience in implementing solutions across various cloud environments and in creating data warehouses and data lakes.
  • Defining and Implementing Infrastructure

  • Implementing Platforms

  • AI in Process Automation

  • Architecture: Scaling Products

Data Strategy

The strategy area enables us to comprehensively support clients by diagnosing the current situation, prioritizing impactful data-driven opportunities, and assisting in change management and effective data utilization within organizations.
  • CDO as a Service
  • Data Maturity Index
  • Establishing Data Departments
  • Workshops and Training
  • Documentation for achieving streamlined processes