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ixpantia is regional leader in the development and deployment of data products.

Our Services

Right-size our engagement according to the stage in the innovation process you are in and your needs.

Proceso IBD

I want to innovate. Where do I start?

DDI Process and Workshops
Let's trace the route for your data-driven innovation based on your organization's strategic needs and the resources available.
Desarrollo y extensión

I need a team of experts

Development and Team Extension
Whether for a specific project or operating as an extension of your business team, our team works alongside yours.
Capacitación y acompañamiento

I want to boost my team's productivity

Training and Mentoring
We guide you as you overcome your challenges applying technical knowledge and best practices through personalized courses and continous mentoring.

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DataOps with ixplorer

DataOps toolset for iterative development in data innovation projects integrated with RStudio


Develop data products and deploy them to production.

ix plorer

Implement the best practices for continous development and deployment of data prodcuts with our DataOps toolkit. ixplorer is the friendliest way to bring code version control, ticket management, and more to your team.


We are a Full Service Certified Partner of RStudio. We offer licencing, certified technical support, and mentoring to deploy your data products with RStudio Connect, RStudio Server Pro, and/or RStudio Package Manager.


Take control over your big data working with Kubernetes, manage data lineage and version control, and automate end-to-end pipelines with Pachyderm. We can help you scale your data science initiatives.

Your data science journey can start today!

It is easier to get value out of your data than you might think

Our Company

At ixpantia our passionate and experienced data scientists and business consultants work with organizations around the world to empower them to innovate with a data-driven approach. From our headquarters in Latin America we support our customers and help their teams develop data products and deploy them to production.

ixpantia complements your team and adds significant value to your data projects through our tailored services and highly skilled and empathetic team. We augment your team’s data science capabilities by accompanying them from project ideation to deployment. If needed, we help you to align data initiatives with overall strategy and guide you to prioritize data projects. We are fully certified to deploy data products on-site or in the cloud. Our end-goal is to have fully satisfied customers who are increasingly self-sufficient to continue their data journeys.

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The ability to take data — to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualize it, to communicate it — that’s going to be a hugely important skill in the next decades

— Hal Varian, McKinsey Quarterly

Data Community

We try to pay forward what we have received from the data science community and actively support multiple initiatives.


We share our knowledge

Our blog has posts with tutorials, resource, articles, business cases, and news. It is mantained by our team and by members of our community interested in all things data of which we happy to be part of.

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Exploring the world of Data Science

We are the driving force behind the Data Latam community. Data Latam is a Latin American community of professionals and academics who apply data science in their day to day work. Through events, courses and extension programs we learn about data science and talk about relevant trends in business and science.

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Other initiatives

We support events and proyects from our community

We contribute to these initiatives:
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