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ixpantia has developed 200+ projects with 100+ clients operating in various verticals. Over time we have seen that although industries may look very different, data challenges often have many similarities, starting with defining strategy, having appropriate architectures for data, which then allow through solutions to improve decisions, optimize processes and incorporate knowledge through data products.

This is a very vibrant sector, where there are usually data teams looking to leverage more projects and collaborate with experienced partners. We have worked with banks, finance companies and fintechs in several countries, deploying products with regional impact. Our team knows this industry and we can quickly contribute to innovate with data. 

50+ projects with 20+ clients over 8 years allow us to quickly bring in and accelerate projects of various kinds.


We have worked with national and regional chains. Retail presents multiple opportunities to generate impact with data and is a sector where there is high potential to generate efficiencies from commercial and marketing, to planning and logistics (among others). 

Our team understands the hard aspects of product and the softer aspects of strategy, governance and change management.

30+ projects over 7 years give us a very good understanding of the business and the main drivers for generating impact with data.

Consumer Packaged Goods - CPG

In this sector the opportunities for innovation with data range from marketing and sales, to planning and logistics. 
From strategy we have brought multi-disciplinary teams to interact with the business to assist in the development and adoption of diverse data products. We have also been tasked with developing sophisticated solutions integrating different types of models.

Multiple projects with analytics areas and with the teams from the business side, to generate tangible and sustainable impact.

IoT (energy, robotics, transportation, vehicle tracking)

This is a world where good use of data has a very high impact, from ingesting sensor data in a scalable way, to identifying impactful opportunities and the subsequent development of MVPs and products deployed in production. 

Since ixpantia's inception, we have been exposed to startups and medium to large companies that accumulate a lot of data directly from sensors.

Startups & Small Teams

From our history in tech entrepreneurship we feel a connection with those who want to innovate and transform. We have worked with startups in Silicon Valley, DC, Boston, Costa Rica and other regions. 
In our team we have several cases of entrepreneurship, with all the learnings that this implies and that allow us to empathise and move fast.

Over many years, we have actively worked with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in various latitudes. This extensive experience has provided us with a deep understanding of the challenges, opportunities and expertise in delivering tailor-made solutions that address specific needs, ensuring successful outcomes for our clients around the world.

NGOs, Government and Multilaterals

The impact of governments, NGOs and multilaterals has motivated us to support multiple initiatives at city, country and regional levels. These data projects include reporting complexities that we understand. 
Our team includes people who have worked in government and with governments in both Latin America and the United States.

Our work over the years has allowed us to empower superintendencies, national governments, data publishing and transparency initiatives, strategy development, empowering data cultures, training, developing and uploading models into production.

Other industries

At ixpantia we have operated in other industries as well, such as entertainment, travel and tourism, sustainability, and mining-oil-gas among others.

We have experience with conglomerates looking to develop data products and strategies across different companies. Our experiences and interest in learning give us the flexibility to understand new business problems and their data-driven solutions.

During our journey, we have clearly observed that, despite the evolution of the sector, the challenges related to data innovation share many commonalities. 

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