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Our Mission

We are inspired by the use of data for the development of the region through increased competitiveness of companies and organizations by transforming them into their most innovative and data-driven selves. We do so by mapping data capabilities and strategic objectives to co-create a data infrastructure and implement best practices that foster short and frequent innovation cycles to add value to the organization. We aim to contribute to the development of DATA talent in Latin America, creating an ecosystem that draws from experiences in multiple regions and adapts best practices accordingly.

ixpantia was born with the purpose of making an impact on the region, driven by a ethos of sharing knowledge. Before existing as a company, we started as the DataLatam platform to generate learning and share it through our podcast, webinars, and events. The spirit of transparency in sharing what we know and the constant desire to learn is encapsulated in our DNA, and it's reflected in each of the projects where we collaborate with our clients. We are catalysts for transformation, helping organizations become their best versions through the effective use of data.

We operate remotely and execute high-impact data projects in multiple countries. Our origin and operations have cultivated a culture of camaraderie and continuous learning, fueled by curiosity to comprehend and a genuine interest in each other's growth.

Our values
Passion and fun in our work
Curiosity and lifelong learning
Kindness and empathy
Ego-Free Space
Fostering mutual growth
Living healthy for ourselves and our environment
Our company

At ixpantia, our passionate and experienced team of data scientists and business consultants collaborate with organizations worldwide to implement data-driven innovation strategies. Operating from our offices in Latin America, we provide support to our clients, assisting their teams in developing data products and taking them to production.

ixpantia complements your team and adds value to your data projects through our personalized services, delivered by an empathetic and highly skilled team. We enhance your team's data science capabilities by providing guidance from project conception to implementation. When necessary, we help align your data initiatives with your business strategy and prioritize data efforts. We are certified to deploy your data products locally or in the cloud. Our ultimate goal is to have fully satisfied clients who become increasingly self-reliant in their data initiatives.

Data Community

We strive to give back to the data science community. We actively support multiple initiatives.


Sharing Our Knowledge

Our blog features tutorials, resources, articles, company case studies, and news. It is maintained by our team and the community of data enthusiasts, of which we are delighted to be a part.

Learn on the ixpantia blog

Data Latam

Exploring the Data Science World

We are the driving force and primary sponsor of Data Latam, a Latin American community of professionals and academics applying data science in their daily lives. Through podcasts, webinars, courses, and outreach programs, we learn about data science and share industry updates.

Join us at Data Latam! 

Other Initiatives

Other Initiatives We've Collaborated On

  • ConectaR 2021: International gathering of R users in Latin America
  • Open Data Day 2020 Datathon
  • Civic Data Challenge 2019
  • San Carlos R User Group (SCRUG) MeetUp in San Carlos, Costa Rica

Our Leadership Team


Frans van Dunné

Co-founder &  Chief Data Officer 

Frans brings over 15 years of experience in data analysis and innovation. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and has taught at universities in Europe and Latin America. As a consultant, he has worked with companies worldwide, leading data-driven innovation and data science initiatives.

Diego May

Diego May

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer 

With 25+ years in tech (15 in data), Diego holds an Industrial Engineering degree from ITBA & MBA from MIT Sloan. His background spans multinational corporations, medium-sized companies, high-growth startups, venture capital, & board roles. His present drive is to impact Latin America through data-driven initiatives.


Charlie Ranalli

Senior Principal Consultant

Charlie has 35 years of experience in tech, 15 of which were spent at Microsoft in leadership roles, including General Management for Central America. Later, he co-founded startups & held CXO positions. For the past 7 years, his focus has been advising companies on digital and data transformation.

pablo brenner

Pablo Brenner

Board Member, M&A advisor

Pablo is an engineer from Technion & a graduate of Singularity University in Silicon Valley, class of 2010. His tech accomplishments span from leadership roles at BreezeCom for WiMax creation, patent development, leading service and product-based companies, co-founding startups, and serving on the boards of high-potential enterprises.


Sergio Maldonado

Country Manager & Data Professional

Sergio is an industrial engineer (from Arkansas), holds a master degree in engineering, and is an entrepreneur. After fulfilling roles in analytics, he co-founded companies in Bolivia. One of them, DataPaip, focused on data science consulting services, delivering successful projects for various companies. Sergio (along with DataPaip) is part of the ixpantia group since 2023.

Diego F

Diego Fernández

Practice Owner (Adoption)

Diego is a statistician with a master degree in Political Science (UCR), specializing in public policies and democratic governance. He has extensive experience in data visualization and mining. He has designed information systems and conducted data analysis to enhance decision-making for both private enterprises and public institutions.


Andrea Vargas

Practice Owner (Engineering/Infra)

Andrea graduated with honors in Statistics from the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and maintains her connection with the university as the editor of the statistical journal "Serengueti." Additionally, Andrea contributes to the community as a co-organizer of the Costa Rican chapter of RLadies and is a member of Data Scientists Costa Rica.


Magdiel Ablán

Practice Owner (Science)

Magdiel brings extensive experience as an educator, researcher, and consultant in data analysis, modeling, and simulation.

She holds a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas and a degree in Systems Engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela).


Hugo Mobarec

Country Owner (Caribbean)

Hugo heads Ixpantia's Caribbean operations from the Dominican Republic. A biochemical engineer with over a decade in project management, strategy, and research, he focuses on data synthesis, clear visualization, and predictive modeling to enhance decision-making.

Andrés Felipe Quintero

Andrés Quintero

Country Owner (Colombia)

Andrés, a software engineer from Colombia and the country owner for the region, boasts over 6 years of experience with open-source projects. He's known for developing high-performance data pipelines for leading healthcare and insurance organizations in Colombia, showcasing his expertise and contribution to the industry.