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Data Products and Impact
This practice focuses on the design and management of data products aligned with the needs and strategy of organizations. Additionally, it promotes the usability and adoption of various data products in organizational processes to generate a tangible positive impact. The emphasis is on the last mile of data analytics, connecting the outcomes of a data product with processes within the organization, including the decision-making process. It relies on visual analytics to impact the evidence-based decision-making process provided by data analysis.
Data Products' Last Mile
Data Product Lifecycle
At ixpantia, we meticulously manage the complete lifecycle of data products, ensuring that every stage, from conception to retirement, is perfectly aligned with organizational needs and market dynamics. Our comprehensive approach encompasses the development, launch, maintenance, and continuous updating of products to ensure their relevance, effectiveness, and adaptability. This process emphasizes the importance of clearly defining requirements, efficiently managing the lifecycle, facilitating adoption processes, and addressing "dashboarditis" through the design of effective, user-centric dashboards.
Return on Investment
We focus on demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of data products, highlighting their tangible impact on operational efficiency, productivity, and decision-making improvement. Our methodology goes beyond financial indicators, assessing the value of generated insights, their contribution to accelerating organizational innovation, and how these data products empower a sustainable competitive advantage.
Skill Transfer
We promote a data-driven culture through the transfer of key skills to our clients' teams. This includes ensuring that business decisions are strategically aligned and based on solid data, offering coaching in business operations, and facilitating the adoption of dynamic visualization practices and dynamic reporting. Our goal is to empower organizations to internalize the capability to generate and apply data-based knowledge independently.
Best Practices
The adoption of best practices in result communication, the increase in data literacy, the definition of KPIs, and data visualization are fundamental to the success of data products. At ixpantia, we help organizations develop and adopt consistent data templates and visual languages that improve data interpretation and impact. This approach not only enhances internal and external result communication but also establishes an organizational standard for data presentation and analysis.
«The ixpantia team showed an incredible ability to put themselves in the shoes of data consumers, and help us through the complex parts of analysis and visualization.»
International NGO Director
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Data Literacy or Data Liberacy
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Data science state of art in Latam

About us

ixpantia was founded in 2016 with the goal of sharing knowledge and best practices in data-driven innovation. We combine science, engineering, and business strategy to transform data into impactful solutions that drive growth and innovation. Our multidisciplinary team works closely with our clients to design and implement data strategies and products, promoting a culture of innovation based on data that improves decision-making and operations.

Committed to excellence and innovation, we strive to be at the forefront of advanced analytics, empowering organizations to leverage the potential of their data and ensure long-term success. At ixpantia, we believe in the transformative power of data to create a future where every decision is informed by precise and deep analysis, ensuring that our clients lead in their respective sectors.

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